Greg Simas, and his wife Wendi, are the Founders and Senior Leaders of Convergence Church, a healthy and thriving church, in SF Bay Area/Silicon Valley, California. Greg and Wendi have been in full-time ministry for over thirty-five years and are currently leading Convergence since its founding over twenty-five years ago. Greg is a loving husband to his wife, Wendi, a proud father of three, and grandfather of five!

What Will I Cover in this Newsletter?

The blog/newsletter I’m writing reflects my beliefs and values as a follower of Jesus, a Pastor, Husband, and Father for the Kingdom of God, the church, biblical values, justice, truth, and revival, bringing heaven to earth in every sphere of society. I love the Lord, His Church (Ekklesia), and all those whom God connects me with!

My God-given assignment is to help people move from being a church-attender to becoming a world-changer from the paradigm of the “church” to becoming Christ’s Ekklesia. To help others find their identity and purpose, encounter God, experience revival, and change the world. This is what I live for and love to write and speak about.

Because I’ve moved to a more subscription-based site, the premium content will be more transparent, open and personal. 🔥

The Need!

The nations and the world are amidst an intense war against good and evil, the kingdom of light and darkness. 

In this hour, we need truth, clarity, wisdom, and courage. But we also need creativity, ingenuity, and innovation. Yes, we need to be awake but also activated

It's not enough to expose the darkness; we must be light, refusing to be impressed with the devil's work, and be active in what God is building. 

To this end, this blog is born! 

The Why?

I’m inspired by Thomas Paine, who wrote to encourage and renew the troops during the dark days of the American Revolutionary War.

“During a time of great despair, when nothing was being communicated but fear and rumors, Thomas Paine had almost single-handedly renewed the spirit of American independence.

Thomas Paine had been with the troops. He had listened to their fears and their concerns, their hopes, and their dreams. Then he began to think. After he thought, he began to write. And the message he communicated inspired people to renew themselves, to rise to a greater level of awareness, and, ultimately, to a higher level of achievement.

Like Paine, I pray that the content here will bring hope and inspire and strengthen you as a son/daughter, soldier, and servant of Christ. I pray that God will raise thousands of Holy Spirit-filled voices just like this. You, too, can be one of these voices.

Why a Paid Subscription?

A paid subscription price generally determines the value readers place on the content and the author who produces it. It’s a good marriage between the two, and this is why I’m asking for a mild monthly subscription donation.

I realize the deeper, premium content, of this website will not be for everyone, but for those who share the convictions and values stated above. My heart is to rally those who want to bring heaven to earth, who need clarity and courage in this hour, and have faith to step into the fullness of God’s purposes.

In addition, the paid subscription price helps support the ministry's efforts and time required to resource, write and serve others.

There is absolutely no pressure to become a premium subscriber. Premium subscriptions are for those who want to gain full access to the whole website. I will always have free content available for all.

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Greg and his wife Wendi, are the Founders and Senior Leaders of Convergence Church. He is married to his wife Wendi and has three amazing children and five grandchildren. Greg lives in the San Francisco Bay Area